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Who says you can’t chat via console?

I’m not a social chatter. But when you see me online it is for the reason that I do it for research,work and/or supporting clients via IM. There are a lot of instant messaging tools/clients out there. eg. pigdin, empathy … Continue reading

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Power Up: The Acer Servers Launch

Deng, Meric, and I went to Acer’s newly renovated office last Friday, 20th of August for the launch of their new line of servers. An array of their products were displayed at their reception area ranged from laptops to desktops, monitors to projectors. Continue reading

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8layer connects with at their General Assembly

8liens, Roz and Renan rushed at about 10am on August 14 at Technological Institute of the Philippines-Quezon City (TIP-QC), just in time to set up a simple booth for 8layer at the ICpEP.SE General Assembly. The TIP,QC Grounds at that … Continue reading

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Screens and terminals

Screen is a less known utility among Linux users. Learning how to use it can improve one’s productivity, and for command line warriors and would-be wizards, screen is definitely a very indispensable tool. Tweet

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