8layer connects with ICpEP.se at their General Assembly

8liens, Roz and Renan rushed at about 10am on August 14 at Technological Institute of the Philippines-Quezon City (TIP-QC), just in time to set up a simple booth for 8layer at the ICpEP.SE General Assembly. The TIP,QC Grounds at that time was serene and the sun was shining to keep the event warm for the whole day.

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At 12Noon, the blissful serenity was replaced by happy boisterous and crackling buzz of Computer Engineering Students from all over Metro Manila and Luzon Schools, Colleges and Universities as they line-up/pile- up for registation filling the TIP, QC Grounds. Finally, it was jam-packed and was estimated to number at 1,800 Computer Engineering attendees.

It was a last minute decision on our end due to tight schedules and priorities to sponsor the Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines (ICpEP), ICpEP.SE (Student Edition) dubbed as CpEYesta! 2010.   It was also an assimillation and recognizance that we need to spend some fees in order to imbibe in students the value of excellence and hard work in the academics and further studies, and to spark awareness on F/OSS as part of our advocacy.  And though the benefit for 8layer as a company is least in terms of business opportunity to participate, we came to instill and foster motivation, persistence to students to excel in their studies and in their chosen field of interest and profession.

There were other sponsors and presentors who briefly discussed their brands and products and there were fun games and entertainment too. But we were certain we were not there to promote our company instead to heed the importance of being open to learn and being learned.  We were also there to join the fun as we immersed with the students in the bleachers and also enjoyed ourselves as the crowd joyously howl and anxiously wait for the raffle as the lucky numbers are randomly picked by the computer. “Raffle”, “RAffle”,  “RAffle”,  “RAffle”,  … as the students roar and drown the multi-purpose hall.

And when it was time for our CEO/CTO to take center stage and give his motivational talk, Meric instantly shouted, “Raffle”,”Raffle”,”Raffle”, and the students with Meric and the teachers laughed altogether.

The 8layer Team who were there to take part and witness the event were actually surprised to see how the students silenced themselves and eagerly listened to what r3d3ye has to convey. Meric himself is a Computer Engineering Graduate from Adamson University and among his other achievements is being a RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer).

Meric compressed his presentation to about 30 minutes on motivating students to excel, be driven by ambition to be innovators and bequeath the power of having knowledge with passion to do what is right for oneself and for a lot of people. The students were gagging for more, when they knew about Open Source, Linux and KahelOS but it was time to wrap up.

At the end of 8layer’s presentation, it was time for us to give away raflle prizes. We didn’t give out our usual 8layer Juancho mugs or usb’s but we decided to empower the winners with a chance for them to hone their skills and be able to buy him a lot of stuff for himself (if put to good/full utility).   When we announced that we were raffling off free linux training, everyone in the hall, shouted and wanted to win the prize.  We raffled off a three-day linux training to two(2) groups of 6 lucky students which will happen this September 2010 at 8layer OHQ.  Congratulations to Ted Josiah Domingo and Jefferson Maybanting and their friends!

In the end, it was a beginning for us to have high hopes to have sparked and started in some of the students if not to all,the value of continuous proactive learning and sharing.

Thank you to ICpEP.SE CpEYESTA 2010, Mr. Alex Ybasco, Mr. Erwin Mendoza and to the members of the organization, we enjoyed being part of the event too.

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