On a not so rainy day, talking about Linux, KahelOS and what good there is with Clouds.

Through the gracious invitation of the Students and Faculty of Information Systems, ICT Department of University of Sto.Tomas as part of their seminar and training course, Mr. Meric B. Mara, CEO/CTO, 8layer Technologies, Inc. arrived at 9am, Roque Roano (Engineering) Bldg, in his usual Maong Pants and Shirt (Mozilla Firefox) get-up.

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The intimate seminar that lasted for about 3 hours on Linux, KahelOS and Cloud Computing paved the way for the students to be in their utter state of satiety in what was something they were just hearing and/or reading on the inernet before the event. Fortunately for them, they were able to voice out their questions and be clarified such as “Does one need to install application or any program of sorts on the desktop/laptop?”, “Can they do virtualization on KahelOS or KahelOS be be virtuzalized on other OS?” Do you need to pay for anything before one can download KahelOS? and luckily responded to at length by Meric himself.

Apart from these clarifications, Mr. Mara’s presentation on Cloud Computing was even made clearer for he provided a “How to Create your own cloud with F/OSS and Linux on-the-spot demonstration.

At the end of the session, KahelOS LiveCD was distributed to each student for free which was reproduced by West Capitol School of Technology. For more information about 8layer and KahelOS, visit these sites: http://www.8layertech.com and http://www.kahelos.org.

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