Something Different for a Holiday Treat. An Operating System for instance…

Something Different for a Holiday Treat. An Operating System for instance…
By: Jeanina Hanna B. Reburiano

Spending your money wisely is a very important tip this Yultide season and for the rest of the year.  Though some people enjoy buying gifts, clothes, food, gadgets, games, and all other  stuff that maybe of huge monetary value (who does not?), it may be wise to give as a present something that is useful, lasting and priceless.

Have you thought of giving an Operating System, KahelOS, for that matter as a gift?

Yes, KahelOS… You might be asking, “What the heck is the connection of downloading KahelOS and saving money?!”… Here is an equation to explain this:

Proprietary OS =  money +  money and + more money to add more apps
Pirated CD OS installer = money + time and effort to buy + hassle in license issues; or

With KahelOS, here’s what it’s going to be:

KahelOS = worth your time and effort + no expense (free) + totally legal to use and copy

Instead of buying pirated versions of operating systems (OS), why not save your money for something else worth buying or donate to a noble cause?  KahelOS is free for everyone who wants to try it. All you need is a personal computer or laptop and an internet connection. It’s very easy to download and install! Just go to and the good news is it’s totally FREE! No need to look for cracked OS in the internet, no need to stress yourself out in looking for license keys that are not yet used. The greater news is that there is a hassle-free automatic installation of KahelOS! Believe it or not, this operating system has these features (!

Just a simple tip, my dear friends, either it’s money or headache you’re going to spend… Spend time and money wisely! Use KahelOS! You may visit for more details.

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