A Milestone for the Healthcare Industry: Kalingap Health Apps at the Intel TechCARE Event

By Julienne Odra

High-quality Healthcare service is a matter of utmost importance. That is why, when and where use of technology is prevalent, the invaluable partnership of Healthcare and IT experts makes it possible for healthcare practitioners to deliver the best care possible for us and our loved ones.

Last May 24, 2012, the initial Intel TechCARE event was held at Max’s, San Fernando Pampanga to further enlighten healthcare practitioners of how technology can be maximized to give optimum healthcare service to those seeking for care.  Around 80 healthcare practitioners and providers from 24 clinics and hospitals hailing from Pampanga, Bataan, Tarlac and Bulacan actively participated in the event.

Intel Philippines and its event partners, MediLink, Infoworx (Digiworx) and 8layer Technologies, Inc. converged to present definitive technology solutions necessary to promote an advance healthcare system as opposed to common patient experiences today.

Mr. Carlo Subido, Business Development Manager of INTEL Philippines, was first in the list of stimulating speakers who all gave informative presentations. Mr. Subido introduced the delegates to the goals of Intel TechCare. He established the importance of Collaboration among industry partners and how Adapting the right technologies will bring about Relevant Experiences to users and the ecosystem.

MediLink’s Sales Manager, Ms. Izanina Lagrosa rendered a lively discussion of MediLink’s ProviderLink Application, an online claims submission system that allows health care providers to submit bills to MediLink’s HMO and insurance company affiliates in a secure and cost efficient manner.

Next to present was Mr. Dennis Adlawan of Infoworx (Digiworx). His animated presentation of Infoworx’s products was received with much enthusiasm by the event participants.

8layer Technologies’ Marketing Head, Ms. Deng Silorio of capped the event by introducing the attendees to the Kalingap Health App.  We “should not let IT control us, we control IT,” she said.  With that, she started talking about how the Kalingap Health Apps can make it easier for healthcare practitioners to focus on giving the best care possible for their patients rather than sticking to tons and piles of unorganized papers and inaccurate data that leads to delayed medical attention and unsbustantial care. Ms. Silorio related and emphasized that effective technology asserts relevant experience as an end result.

Kalinga Health Apps simply aims to make that trip to the clinic or hospital a treat and “healthy experience”. Ms. Silorio has reinforced throughout her presentation why Kalingap truly embodies its namesake, which is derived from the Filipino word “Kalinga”, meaning “care” and “protection”;  And how Kalingap Apps is the health care providers’ true “katuwang sa pangangalaga,” or “partner in providing essential healthcare” for patients.

Simplicity, straightforward and essential were pretty much exhibited during the demo of the Kalingap Health Apps by Mr. Rey Portugal, Head of Research and Development of 8layer Technologies, with the assistance of Ms. Rosa Tsang, Project and QA Manager.   Enhancing clinical operations, allowing maximum use of resources, and providing timely, updated information, are what healthcare providers wish to achieve to improve patient care by a hundredfold.

The Kalingap Health Apps features: The Appointment Scheduler, Patient Record Management, User Management, Workflow Management and Reporting System. The participants were shown the Kalingap Health Apps Dashboard, which displays the Patient Queue, with the Patient Record Management System and how easily one can create reports.

8layer’s CEO Meric Mara addressed questions regarding the data security in the Kalingap Health App. His excellent professional and layman approach to comprehensively respond that Kalingap Health Apps adheres to stringent technological codes and measures satisfied the enthusiastic healthcare practitioners and providers.

Finally, the wait is over. The application allowing seamless workflow from check-in to billing for clinics and small hospitals to enable high-quality healthcare service is here.

The Kalingap Health Apps is bundled with powerful Intel processors for better performance and is also available online (Software as a Service).

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