Our team has come up with this not so crazy, ravishing idea of creating a dedicated blog site for the sole purpose of Simply Sharing. There are some stuff that are best kept secret, but with us, there are technology stuff about F/OSS, Linux and 8layer that are meant to be opened and shared because it is how it is supposed to be. As this blog is relatively new, we still have so little witty things to say about us yet other than we are a fun bunch of FOSS practitioners who loves to explore anything inside the Free/Open Source universe. We’ll keep it ballin’ and rollin’. At every venue, whether for professionals or at every campus/school/college gatherings, where we are invited to share or talk about open source, we felt the urge that most students and attendees wanted to hear more and learn more… (even though we tell them that Google is their best friend and they should start to explore on their own). We’ll try our very best to keep the sharing a-flowin’…. tips, tricks, how-to’s and, occasionally, where we are and what’s up? Oh, we would also like to mention that we are smart and good looking. kidding? See for yourselves, look here. and  here.

Open Source in the Philippines

Also, if you’re wondering about where and what we do for a living or just curious about our company, don’t hesitate to visit the official company website http://www.8layertech.com. Finally for those who have the itch for sharing as well, or if you also have something worth reading and would like to have it published here at our blog site, you are most welcome to do so. Just contact us at info-at-8layertech-dot-com.

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