Open Source Discussion at Vigattin

Want to know more about Open Source Software? Team 8liens and Mr. Macoy Mejia will be guesting at Vigattin radio program at 10am-11am today. Please stay tuned!

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MySQL Philippines MyFriend Meetup

Last May 24, the first ever MySQL Philippines users group meet up was held at the office of 8layer Technologies. The purpose of the event if to have a venue for mySQL users in the Philippines to share and learn from each other.

The event was graced by Jason Soh and Ronnen Baram from Oracle/mySQL Singapore, showing their interest to grow and expand the mySQL community here in the Philippines.

Users from different backgrounds attended the meetup giving a good mix of experience and expertise which benefited everyone.

This endeavor will be supported by mySQL through a series of quarterly meet ups this year. Anyone who’s interested in joining or to be a part of the users group, click here.


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Be More, Be Useful, Be of Service

22nd of May 2013, 8Layer Technologies Inc. held a gathering conforms to  an inspirational talk, key spoke by Mr. Meric and Ms. Kates, and it was perceived hearing by the graduating students from West Capitol College and student interns from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina (PLMar) and Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP).

The talk started with the spit-knowledge and it was voice thrown from the student interns, each student shared their meaty portion of wits from what they have learned.

Our company believes that the knowledge that we have gained is meant to be shared and an organization have recognized that knowledge constitutes a valuable intangible asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages and creates harmonious atmosphere in the organization. 

Mr. Meric discussed the things that we should be possessed upon acquiring the knowledge we have learned:

Be MORE, Do not encapsulate yourself from what you only know, bring down the walls of limitation, human beings learn not only from collections of facts about the world but also from social contexts through observations of other people, communication, and explicit teaching. Do exploration and play at the same time, feel free to be happy on what you are pursuing, always be in-zeal and bear the teachable heart .

Be USEFUL,  Many surveys show that lack of competencies is one of the most important reasons why a person do not achieve full output of  his/her investments, and it fall under putting the knowledge in waste, a person possessing a meaty coconut shell couldn’t be considered as knowledge and wisdom bearer, until he/she use it in good manner.

Be of SERVICE, to be made use of someone’s talent but not for his own gain but for the benefit of the individuals around him, doing things for the benefit of other without expecting in return, and performing his potentials in-purity and in-passion.

” In order to hit your mission in life, you need to align 3 things: your passion, your potential, and your purpose”                                                 –CRD



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EVSU Gets To See The Limitless FOSSibilities

Today, 20th of May, students from Eastern Visayas State University went for a visit here at the 8layer Tech. Headquarters. All of them are incoming 4th year students of Information Technology (I.T.) course and you could clearly see that they are eager to learn more.

Sir Renan was the key speaker for the group. He talked about “Intro to FOSS” while students eagerly took down notes for their reference as future IT professionals. Sir Renan also gave me a chance to speak in front of the goup and share what I have experienced with Free Open Source Software. As I was talking to them, I learned that they are accustomed to using licensed softwares for their projects, like I was; only few of them uses open source and only know a gist of its limitless resources and potential. I asked them what they thought about FOSS; they told me that it is interesting to learn.

The visit was wrapped-up by Sir Renan. Having an open forum of question and answer as the closing event. Hopefully students of EVSU learned the potential of FOSS and will share it to their fellow students. So kudos to FOSS and its limitless FOSSibilities!

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Believe that you can make your Dream Alive

To all graduating students of WCST this 2013.
See you all on Tuesday,Graduates…

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MySQL MyFriend Meetup

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Aklat, Agap, Mulat. The 8Liens 2013 bookdrive

Every year, the 8liens give back to our less fortunate brothers and sisters to remind us that we are blessed and there are people around us, in our community that need a helping hand. This year’s bookdrive was aptly named “Aklat, Agad, Mulat” to signify the importance of books to the development of children.

The team chose DSWD’s Reception and Study Center for Children in Quezon City to be the recipient of the books collected from our generous sponsors. The children from the RSPC are infants to 6 years old which most are neglected or surrendered by their parents.

The 8liens were joined by another passionate group who wanted to share their talents in entertaining the kids: Team Ruther. Team Ruther, arguably the best magic and ventriloquist acts today spent their time mind blowing the kids with their unique repertoire the whole afternoon.

We would like to thank again our generous sponsors in helping us giving a spark to the hearts and minds of these kids in hoping they can live a better future through books and creative imagination.

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Digital Asset Management at your fingertips

If you are looking for your Video,Audio,Photo,Documents Archiving and Back-up solution, Clix is now here to serve you! A robust yet simple solution for today’s large and complex data and multimedia management. For more information, call us at 4001905 or email us at

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Team 8liens Fitness Day 08/10/2013

Fitness Day (Stamina Builder,Weight Loss, and as a Cardiovascular exercise etc…) is an Admin program that Queenie (Admin Manager) implemented for Team 8liens.

Everybody is welcome to jog and #meetup with us at Philppine Sports Center-ULTRA.

Happy Jogging!

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Open Source Seminar for University of Carlos

We are happy to welcome students who are now at 8OHQ for an Open Source Seminar.

We are positive that the students will learn a lot today and we’re hoping that they will embrace Open Source in the coming days.

The Seminar is conducted by our Business Development Head Mr. Lawrz Libo-on.

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